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3 Top Slot Machines with Japanese Themes

Gambling is a big thing in Japan, specifically pachinko and slot machines. In some cases, it gets to addiction levels, but when it comes to gambling, that slippery slope is present in any country of the globe.

Apart from that though, all over the world, Japanese culture is getting really big. It is slowly integrating into people’s lives through anime and manga.

Thus, it was inevitable for slot machines to be made with Japanese themes. These include anything in the country from places, eras, and even manga and anime. Let’s take a look at several slot machines with Japanese themes.

Ghost in the Shell


The first slot machine we’ll be looking at has the theme of Ghost in the Shell. Ghost in the Shell is a beloved anime. People love it for its philosophical outlook regarding the dualism of spirit and body, the neo futuristic landscape, and the action.

Now this beloved anime and manga is on a slot machine too, spreading more existential ideas with every reel turn.

This slot machine has five lines. With every spin of the reels, the jackpot gets bigger and bigger. It also has a sort of wild card image that if gotten, multiplies the win by 3. People can get free spins on this machine if they get three scatter symbols.


addiction amusement antique bar - 3 Top Slot Machines with Japanese Themes
Next, we have Japan-O-Rama. This specific slot machine is set in ancient Japan but looks at it through a very modern lens. The simple graphics are easy to appreciate. The graphics are not that bad, with the traditional cute graphics and Japan-themed areas in tow.

There are even corresponding sound effects of course.

These simple graphics allow for people to concentrate more on the gameplay. It has 5 slot reels and as many as 20 paylines. The wild symbols that appear around can multiply bonuses and autoplay can be enabled.

Nine-Tailed Ninja

The final one we have is Nine-Tailed Ninja. While not really any manga, the Nine-Tailed Ninja is a clear reference (and rip off) of the Naruto series. In it, a ninja Naruto holds the nine-tailed fox inside him and must stave off enemies to save his ninja village. But if you want to get the true, authentic Ninja experience then we suggest to try out Ninja Casino.

This one is an interesting slot machine as it is seasonal. Different seasons have different bonuses attached to it.

These are only a few slot machines with Japanese themes. As the popularity of slot machines grows, watch out for more similar slot machines.