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2 New Manga Titles People Should Check Out

It is a great time to be a manga enthusiast. There are a lot of manga right now that people love to read. Apart from that though, there doesn’t seem to be any end to new manga titles being created.

Let’s take a look at several new manga titles that people should check out now.

Versailles of the Dead

The first title we’ll be looking at is called Versailles of the Dead. This title is set in France and it is set in that weird time where people have those powdered wigs.

The first interesting twist to the series is the zombies around. The series does follow the French Revolution and what was happening within the courts. History buffs would note that Marie Antoinette was a big fixture in this event.

However, in this manga title, she dies in a zombie invasion. It is up to her brother Albert to take her place in the court and see what will happen.


Next up, we have Mirai. This title is actually the latest film from acclaimed anime director Hayao Miyazaki.

The title is about a four-year old boy whose new baby sister has come into the world. Like every first born, this young boy feels anger because the parents are doting on the sister more.

However, something magical happens that plays a key part in the young boy’s life. His young sister comes back from the future – a much older woman – and talks to her brother and make things right between them.

It is a sweet, powerful, and moving tale, no matter if it is watched in anime or read as manga.

These are only a couple of new manga titles that manga enthusiasts should check out right now. Stay glued to Jornaicas as we cover the latest manga titles in the coming months. We hope you find a title that you will like.