Gaming and Manga. What More Do You Need?

Manga Blogs

shallow focus photo of comic books - Manga Blogs

Manga is a living breathing entity. We say this because ever since it was created to when people started reading it, the creators have never stopped making new manga titles or issues.

There are so many manga title out there that cover many different topics. Whatever concept you can think of, there is probably a manga about it.

So where can you go to find out about all of these new and old manga titles that you’d want to read? Say no more. The Jornaicas team is here to report about manga blogs that you can turn to.

Anime News Network

First blog that you can turn to is called the Anime News Network. As the name suggests, the website is primarily geared towards anime. However, there are also loads of content geared towards manga.

This blog does a weekly roundup of the new manga titles and issues that have been released. These include printed manga as well as online manga issues that were released.

This blog is really more than that. It sort of reports on many different facets of Japanese culture with the goal of reporting it to the world. If you are interested in Japanese culture as well as manga, this blog is for you.

Tokyo Otaku Mode News

Next up, we have Tokyo Otaku Mode News. Like the previous blog, there are many things covered in the blog. One of them is manga.

This blog doesn’t talk about manga in a straightforward manner. It actually looks at so many things and presents it to the people.

For instance, of course it talks about upcoming manga and their release dates. However, it also reports on some interesting phenomenon in the manga industry like if a certain artist draws characters from another manga.