Gaming and Manga. What More Do You Need?


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Life is a collection of seconds, minutes, and hours. From start to end, it is a journey through time. People paint the time in their lives with activities that they enjoy. Hobbies if you will.

Some people like to play sports. Others like painting or drawing. Even cooking is a hobby. However, there are certain hobbies that are bigger and shared by more people out in the world.

The first is video games. Video games came about in the 1950s. These video games were a far cry from what we know video games are now. They were simple text-based games, or even simply designed games like tic-tac-toe.

Then, they evolved. First, they were simple adventure games. A big one that a lot of people can identify with is Super Mario. When that Italian plumber hit the screen and people got to guide him to save his Princess Peach, the video game craze began.

It was a way of transporting oneself to a different world and enjoying hours there. Video games began incorporating storylines and philosophy that helped gamers grow and think. It gave them ideas and a unique sense of creativity.

Afterwards, fighting games came out. It was a different experience from single player games. There was no adventuring. There was a fierce sense of competition and rivalry that hopefully brought the best out of one another.

As the years went by, graphics became better. Newer gaming consoles that were more powerful. This power was able to deliver bigger and better games that people just kept playing. Now, gaming is a big part of many people’s lives.

Another big hobby out there is manga. For those who don’t know what manga is, think of comic books but from Japan.

People love manga because of the distinct style it has. American comics is mostly about superheroes. With manga, the topics are quite unique from what is perceived in Western media.

Some of these manga titles cover people with powers as well, albeit in different universes and worlds. There are also giant fighting robots, fantastical cooking, basketball, and so many others.

The big thing about manga is how it seems to come from the heart really. Most if not all titles released are infused with a sensitivity that people enjoy. People can tell that the creators of these manga love what they are doing, and it shows in their work.

These are what Jornaicas covers. We cover the latest in gaming and manga. The reason we do this is to keep people updated with what is happening in these fields. Moreover though, we want have people’s time painted with the things and hobbies that they enjoy the most.